A Brief Introduction of the Lanzhou University Museum

The Lanzhou University Museum was officially opened in the September of 2009 during the 100 year school anniversary. It is located on the Lanzhou University Yuzhong campus. With 9600㎡ in construction area, 500㎡ of display area, there are a total of 230,000 articles collected in the museum. All exhibits fall under six themes: The School History of Lanzhou University, Historical Relics, Paleontological Fossils, Animal and Plant Specimens, Folk Arts and The Yellow River Mammoth.

The Exhibition of the School History of Lanzhou University reflect the hardships and glory of the school ever since its establishment in 1909. The Exhibition of Historical Relics covers an area of 518㎡ with 500 items in four categories: pottery, bronze vessels, porcelain and miscellaneous articles. The Exhibition of Fossils takes an area of 518㎡, displaying 100 items of various paleontological fossils. The Exhibition of Animal and Plant Specimens occupies an area of 1,177㎡ with 1,000 specimens of various kinds of animal and plants on display. The Hall of Folk Arts is 409㎡ in area, displayed with shadow play figures from Huanxian County, Gansu, and Chinese wizardry masks. The Hall of the Yellow River Mammoth has an area of 409㎡, exhibiting the well-known Yellow River mammoth skeleton model.

Ever since opening, our museum has been open to students, teachers and the general public. Our museum receives over ten thousand visitors every year, most of which are university students. Our museum also often organizes online quizes and activities for students so that the whole experience can be more fun and exciting. The museum's wide range of resources are open to students and by cooperating with many departments like the History and Life Sciences, students can put what they have learned in the classrooms into practice. In a word, Lanzhou University museum strives to embody the school motto: Endeavor and uniqueness. Continues to try to educate the next generation, preserve pieces of history and encourage innovation along the way.